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Friends & Nature

My Friends & Nature

Living With Nature

Friends & Nature  

I enjoy my ability to paint and honored to paint for our many Russian Orthodox churches. And on free time I participate in many activities with my friends

It is me, Natalia Aglitskaya. I am owner of plot of land. I live here for 2 years and I have experience of rural life during 10 years. I am 33 year old. I have son.

Friends & Nature

My Friends & Nature

Living With Nature

I am milking my cow.

My cow's calf (sold already).

My cow has strong sense of affection, so she licks a kid as if it was her own baby.

Cow and her baby

My house in winter.

Many friends have visited my home from around the world. There are photos of them: 

Natasha, Pereslavl

Someplace in America

On stage with Wanbli as his interpreter

Wanbli In Moscow:)

Wanbli & Vasya the Bassman

Wanbli back on the Rosebud Rez

Riding in the dark is possible only with the light on the head of the horse

Outside St. Petersburg with Wanbli

Steffi from Germany. Jule 2011

She lived in the house made of hay

She dried the grass under the roof

Helped me to gather it

and make haystack

It was very difficut to balance on the top of haystack

She rides my horse

A Concert With Wanbli & Vektor

Dancing & Performing

We danced and enjoyed

After Concert In Mozhaysk 2013

It's me in the Nikitskiy monastery in Pereslavl

Me again

Johannes dig a Zepp Holcer seedbed

the same

This is my horse. Like a cat she demands to scratch her belly :-)

Silja Telervo Heikinheimo from Finland. May 2011.

Silja Televro. At the moment I think she is my best WWOOF'er! :-)

She is good in riding!

We spent whole night around the fire

Peter Ward from New York, USA. June 2011

Near St. Petersburg with Wanbli & Tate Itu

Peter's work
This is for chicks. Made by Peter

Chicken with chicks inside

Chinese woman stays in the neighbour village. At the moment she is in my house

This is tent for WWOOF'er :-)

The art of folding wood. Not every man could make it

That is my house

We have fire each evening

The example of ecologic riding without bridle. It is possible only with your own horse!

Write me: aglnatasha(@)yandex.ru




Аглицкая Наталья/Natalia Aglitskaya
Контактный телефон: 8-905-139-64-45

Yaroslavl region, Pereslavskiy district, near the village of Polovtsian, Russia

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Индивидуальная мастерская написания икон
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