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Friends & Nature

Friends & Nature

Living With Nature

"Friends & Nature" 

I love my front door view of my four legged friends such as this young Elk.

Friends Of Nature

Friends & Nature:

As a woman who lives on the land, I have to balance between spirituality, nature and reality. I can't just give all to housekeeping or outside chores will be neglected, and will become degraded in this case. That's why I want to establish new values, new priorities, new respect to farming, farmer and farmers. Winter comes very quickly here in Russia. It is so beautiful so I choose hard work over the convenience of the big cities.

Friends & Nature

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Аглицкая Наталья/Natalia Aglitskaya
Контактный телефон: 8-905-139-64-45

Yaroslavl region, Pereslavskiy district, near the village of Polovtsian, Russia

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Индивидуальная мастерская написания икон
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Адрес: Россия, Ярославская область, Переславский район, близ д. Половецкое       тел. 8-905-139-64-45;